We've been a couple since high school and do just about everything together. Sometimes we get asked how we can be married and work with each other, but for us it's always been a breeze. We've always clicked, always worked well as a team and, most importantly, we totally get each other's crappy lowbrow humour.


We live in the Hunter Valley with our ultra-crazy border collie, Alfie. That's no exaggeration either, the dude is bonkers. We're dog people and we've always had border collies due to their larger than life personalities. Before Alfie, we had a girl named Porcia and she was a huge help in our early days of practicing photography. She eventually became a bit of a hit with plenty of people getting to know her through her photos, so we owe her plenty. There's a few photos of the dogs below - Porcia is the black and white and Alf is the chocolate.


One of our favourite things to do is pack the car and go on a road trip. We're not the types who are in a rush to get anywhere and we'll often go searching for new places to check out. There's probably very few beaches on the NSW north coast that we haven't set foot on. We're also keen runners, Brisbane Broncos fans and we dig Mexican food. We always dedicate one night a week to get our Mexican fix.


We started getting interested in wedding photography when a friend of ours was just beginning to make a name for herself as a wedding photographer. Back in 2013, the hugely talented Cassie Molyneux from Cassie's Camera flew over from Calgary to hang out with us for couple of weeks and shoot our wedding in Coffs Harbour. When Cassie first showed us some of the photos from the wedding, we were so blown away that we couldn't speak - just a visual feast of colour, creativity and the ability to catch all the good moments from different perspectives. Our entire experience with Cassie became the foundation of how we approach our work.


Photographing a couple's big day is a heap of fun. It's also a great challenge to seek out moments and present them as a collection of bold and meaningful images that give people a unique perspective of their entire wedding day. Working for couples who have the same vision as us and being able to put massive smiles on their faces just makes everything we do totally worth it.