we're lynn and justin

The two of us have been together since high school and do just about everything together. We were both born in Brisbane, married in Coffs Harbour and live in the Hunter Valley.

Photography was never something that we took seriously or planned on getting in to. At best, we were extremely casual amatuers. Our interest only began to spark when we discovered that a new friend of ours, Cassie, had recently started to shoot weddings. Her images totally blew our minds, so much so that we ended up flying her over from Canada to shoot our wedding. Cassie was a massive influence in us getting started.

We began to practice as often as we could and most of the time we used our late border collie Porcia as a model. She was always an extremely willing participant, which allowed us to quickly build our skills. Her little bro, Alfie, now has some pretty big shoes to fill.

Since then, our path has taken us slowly but purposefully towards wedding photography. It's kind of fitting, as it's what whet our appetite for this gig in the first place.

The two of us get a real kick out of capturing and creating bold and colourful images, trying new techniques and pushing our boundaries every time we go out and shoot. When you combine that with being able to work with fun people who value photography and to document their stories, it's a pretty fulfilling experience for us all round.