A little bit about us


"HIGHLY recommend Lynn and Justin"


We've been a couple since high school and do just about everything together. We've always clicked, always worked well as a team and, most importantly, we totally get each other's crappy lowbrow humour.

One of our favourite things to do together is to pack the car and go on a road trip. We're not the types who are in a rush to get anywhere and we'll often go searching for new places to check out. There's probably very few beaches between Newcastle and the Gold Coast that we haven't set foot on.


We're both keen runners, we love hitting the beaches and we spend a lot of time mucking around with our goof ball border collie, Alfie. He's the chocolate and white pooch that you'll see in the photos below. You'll also see our last girl, Porcia, who always helped us out as a model when we first started to get serious about learning the technical side of photography.

We very much dig Mexican food. We always dedicate one night a week to it, making up a feast for two from scratch. The usual suspects like pizza, chocolate and cake rank pretty high as well.


We were actually inspired to get started by a friend who shot our wedding - Cassie from Cassie's Camera over in Calgary.

She opened our eyes to what was possible with wedding photography and we've been hooked ever since.

We've been drawn to the bold, colourful, artistic, yet raw and intimate approach to creating wedding photos. It's become a great creative outlet for us and being able to spend a day celebrating with great people is definitely the cherry on top.


Let's catch up. We'd love to get to know you both.


"You feel like you are just hanging out with FRIENDS"