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A Lesson From When We Were Kids

Back when we were kids in the 80s and 90s, digital photos were yet to become mainstream and disposable film cameras were still all the rage.

Picking up your photos from a print shop and looking through all 27 photos per roll of film with your friends and family was one of the best things ever. You could touch them, share them, frame them and they all seemed to mean so much more.

These days, we're all able to take thousands of photos of anything at any time - from the meaningful to the completely meaningless. And, through sheer weight of numbers, many of our important memories have unfortunately been consigned to a digital dust bin.

Rarely viewed, rarely appreciated and quickly forgotten. The best parts of our lives lost amongst a heap of filler.

One of the biggest and happiest days of your lives deserves so much more than to slowly fade away in a digital wasteland - and the best way to preserve your wedding story is through an Album.


Our Personal Experience

A few months after we were married back in 2013, we received an unexpected package in the mail. It was from our close friend and wedding photographer, Cassie.

Curiously opening the package, we were surprised to find a beautiful, colourful and amazing Album that Cassie had created from our wedding day!

Having previously not put too much thought into what we were going to do with our wedding photos, this turned out to be one of the best gifts we've ever received and, to this day, one of our most favourite possessions.

Looking through our Album really is a completely different experience to seeing our photos on a screen. The photos just pop. We can see and understand the storyline. We're forced to stop, stare and remember. No scrolling, no skipping - just sharing, talking, laughing and remembering.

Cassie knew this would happen and knew that it was important - and we're extremely grateful.

Now, as wedding photographers oursleves, we want you to be able enjoy the same experience. So we'd love to put together a completely unique Album for you both to preserve your wedding story and help you remember exactly how one of the most important days of your lives really felt.


Let's Design Your Album Together

The Album Design process that we've created is very simple and highly personalised. Our couples love it and we get a big kick out of working with them to bring their dream Album to life.

Quality is huge for us, so we've made sure that your Album will be hand-crafted by the best Album makers in the world. With seamless spreads made from museum quality fine art paper and printed with rich archival inks, you'll have a priceless, custom-built keepsake to last for generations.

What We've Included For You

A 10 x 10 Fine Art Wedding Album
10 complimentary spreads - 20 pages
Your Choice of 100 book cloth, velvet and leather covers
Personalised cover debossing
Presentation Box
An Album design consultation with us

More Options

A Wedding Signing Album using your Engagement photos
Replica Parent Albums


Lynn & Justin were so wonderful to work with!

Allison & Nick

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