"We're like Dharma and Greg".

Sammy and Kris are from completely different worlds. He loves his sport, she loves animals, but it's easy to see that they share a very strong connection and are best friends - and on a European holiday last year, they made a lifelong commitment to that friendship with Kris proposing on the Eiffel Tower.

We took Sammy and Kris up to the majestic Villa Vivante overlooking the northern beaches of Coffs Harbour for some engagement photos. Villa Vivante is a special place to us - we stayed there for our wedding and it was the perfect place to relax either side of the big day. It was good to be back and spending the afternoon with an easy-going couple in an easy-going location.

Sammy and Kris - thanks again for trusting us with your engagement photos and for the fun afternoon. Oh, and for being brave enough to tip toe out to the edge of the infinity pool!

Justin WoolleyComment