Engagement Session Guide

Included as a gift for all of our couples, Engagement Sessions are for those who want something more than awkwardly posed, cookie-cutter photography.

We'll capture real moments between the two of you in your element and work together to create fun and vibrant photos that you'll love. It's also a great opportunity for all of us to get to know each other outside of a wedding environment, try some cool things and have some fun together.


Personalise Your Experience

Engagement Sessions don't have to be an afternoon of posing practice out in some random field.

It could be a beautiful afternoon down by the beach, a formal and stylish urban adventure or a relaxing walk through some greenery. You could theme your Engagement Session on one of your favourite activities or even bring along a couple of bottles of champagne and get completely saturated!

Whether you're an easy-going couple or completely wild and full on, whatever you makes you happy, let's make it happen!


Truly Breathtaking!

Paige & Mat

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Breaking the ice

One of the most underrated benefits of an Engagement Session

Of all the vendors and helpers that'll be involved in making your big day a great one, we're in a truly unique position - we'll be with you longer than just about anyone else on your wedding day. In fact, it's entirely possible that you'll be around us longer than you'll be around each other.

And unlike most of your other vendors, our journey together will extend well beyond both sides of your wedding day. Outside of your venue, we'll likely be one of the first vendors that you'll book and we'll most certainly be the most active when your celebration is over. So the importance of building genuine trust with us and what we do, as well as allowing a true friendship to develop, can't be underestimated.

This is where an Engagement Session can become the key to the four of us getting to know each other better, having a heap of fun together, getting you familiar with how we work and, most importantly, helping both of you to become comfortable and confident with us on your wedding day.


Lynn & Justin made us feel so comfortable!

Jessie & Allan

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Engagement Session Tips

Where To Go For An Engagement Session

Try to go with a location that truly suits you and your personalities. Is a green and grassy enviroment your thing? Sun drenched and beachy? Are you into a colourful and fun urban feel or do you sit on the more formal and elegant side of the fence?

You could also choose a specific location that has real meaning to your relationship. Where you got engaged, a place where you hang out a lot together or you could even incorporate an activity that you both love taking part in. The possibilities really are endless.

The Best Time For Your Engagement Photos

The one or two hours leading up to sunset is easily the best time for an Engagement Session.

Photography is all about light and shadow - and although we're very much capable of creating and modifying our own light using our gear, the fast changes in the amount, angle and colour of the ambient light that occurs later in the day can help add some extra dimension and variety to the look of your photos.


Choosing a good outfit

The simplest tip would be to wear something that works for the location we'll be going to, that you'll feel comfortable wearing and that matches your personalities.

You can throw on anything from a formal suit and flowing dress to a more casual getup that you'd wear out on a warm day, just apply some common sense with the tips above. Consider bringing a change of clothes too - this will help add some variety, espeically if we move to a different location.

Relax And Let Yourselves Have Some Fun

Nearly every one of our couples - no matter how reserved or confident they are as people - have told us that they had some degree of camera nerves or a fear of feeling awkward prior to coming on an Engagement Session with us. Have you seen their photos? They look like they don't have a care in the world, right?

Trust us, you'll be totally fine too!

Your expressions and interactions with each other will hold far more weight in your photos than any posing or guidance. So it's really important to just relax, immserse yourselves in the experience and have a heap of fun together. We're a pretty easy going couple ourselves and we love to create a fun and open atmosphere, so we'll show you both how to loosen right up to get the best out of your photos.

Ready To Get Started?

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Voted top 2% in wedding portraiture

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