Your burning questions answered


"They made us feel so RELAXED and at ease"


What's Your Style?

The best way to describe us would be creative storytellers.

Put simply, this means that upwards of 90% of your wedding day will see us capturing authentic moments between you, your family and your friends without intervening or giving any direction. Think of us as friends with cameras!

However, when the time is right, we'll jump in and work our magic to create those artistic, beautiful and, at times, dramatic portraits that you'll want to put up on your wall.

And - as you've probably already seen - we love to get right up in the action on the dance floor!


What's included in your coverage?

Both of us for everything!

We'll give you a comprehensive full day experience - from getting ready to the ceremony and portraits, right through to the reception, the crazy shenanigans on the dance floor and all the little moments in between.

A wedding story, no matter how big or small, always extends beyond the formalities. We'll document your entire wedding from start to finish, leaving you with no regrets about only being able to look back on a few bits and peices from it.

With no limits on time, you'll be completely free to enjoy your wedding day to the fullest without any distractions from having limited coverage.


How many photos will we receive?

We follow the quality over quantity, all killer no filler rule and we don't place any limits on the final number of photos that we'll deliver to you.

Because of this - and the big differences in the nature of the celebrations our couples have - the final number can vary a bit from wedding to wedding. As a rough guide through, you can expect at around 600-800+ photos from a full day's coverage.


Do you travel?

We sure do!

Although we're based in the Hunter Valley, we regularly travel up and down the east coast for weddings and we're available for all domestic, international and destination weddings.


How do we go about hiring you?

Piece of cake.

Just contact us and tell us a bit more about yourselves, your plans so far and what you're most looking foward to about your wedding. We'll get in touch with you with more information and, if you're keen, we'll see if we can arrange a quick chat on Skype or Facetime, over the phone, or meet up for drink to make sure we're the perfect match for each other.

To secure your wedding date with us, all we need is a signed agreement and deposit - all of which can be done online in no time at all.

After that - bam, we're all yours.


So, Ready to get Started?

"Lynn and Justin are INSANELY good at what they do"