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"They made us feel so RELAXED and at ease"

What's Your Style?

The best way to describe us as photographers would be creative storytellers.

Using our expertise in natural and off-camera lighting, we'll capture real moments from interesting perspectives without intervening. We'll also jump in and work our magic to create those artistic, dramatic portraits that you'll want to put up on your wall.

And, as you've probably seen, we love to get right up in the action when it's getting crazy on the dance floor.


Definitely. The story of a wedding stretches well beyond the ceremony, so covering the full day is almost always a must in our book.

We aim to cover everything we possibly can - getting ready, your ceremony, group portraits, photos of the two of you, your reception, the crazy shenanigans on the dance floor and all the finer details in between.

We'll work closely with you on your wedding timeline to make sure we've got all bases comfortably covered.


You've got plenty of company! In reality though, looking and feeling comfortable and confident in front of a camera can be a pretty easy thing to pick up. We'll show you exactly how to do it in no time at all during your Engagement Session or some time before your wedding.

When the big day comes around, you'll feel way more relaxed. Heck, you may not even notice us! Just be yourselves, have a giggle and you'll be perfectly fine.

We promise!

How many photos will we receive?

Our focus will be on telling the full and awesome story of your wedding without any distractions from things like photo limits. We follow the quality over quantity, all killer no filler rule!

Because of this and the uniqueness of everyone's celebration, the number of photos that we'll deliver can vary slightly.

However, as a rough guide, you can expect at least 600-800+ photos from a full day's coverage.


Absolutely. We're based in the Hunter Valley but many of our couples live in other areas of the country or have had a destination wedding. We're happy to shoot your wedding anywhere around Australia and we have our passports up to date and ready to go if you need us cover your wedding celebrations anywhere else around the world.

Just let us know where you're planning on having your wedding and we'll send you a simple, all-inclusive travel quote.

How do we book you?

It's all very easy. When you get in touch with us, we'll send you a detailed Info and Pricing Guide. If you'd like, we'd be more than happy to meet up for a drink and a chat, or go over your questions on Facetime, Skype or by email.

Once you're ready to book and your date is avaialable, all we need is a signed agreement and a 25% retainer.

After that, we're all yours. Bam - done!

So, Ready to get Started?

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