Thanks for helping us out by going through this questionnaire. This is all about helping us learn more about your plans for your wedding, the people that will be involved and how we can do our bit to make the day run smoothly for you. Take your time working through each of the 4 steps below and let us know if you need a hand with anything.


A few things to consider about your photos

Be sure to allow enough time during the day for photos. And everything else, for that matter.

Great photos take time and great moments are more likely to happen, and be captured, when people aren't in a mad rush.

For us as photographers, the difference between being able to cover as many moments as possible as well as working in the more creative stuff versus just getting the bare essentials almost always comes down to time. So to get the best results with your photos, we'd highly encourage you to pad your timeline throughout the day.

You've probably heard the stat 90% of weddings run late. This usually happens when couples try their best to jam in anything and everything they can into their timeline, but underestimate just how long certain parts of the day will take. This is especially true for things like hair and makeup in the morning, transport to venues, or organising family and couples photos. A tight timeline leads to completely unnecessary stress on you, a rushed mindset and, of course, it will cut back on opportunities for other areas such as photos.

As a married couple and having been with other couples for their entire wedding day, the absolute best piece of advice that we can give you is to loosen your timeline and overestimate the time you've allocated to the various parts of the day. A wedding day where the clock isn't in control will make a huge difference for you.

Help us focus on those who are most important to you.

In the form below, we're going to ask you to create a VIP list for us. This will be a list of the people at your wedding who you'd consider the most important to you, most likely family and super close friends.

The reason this list is important is that it'll allow us to focus our resources towards those who matter the most to you. For example, instead of getting 20 shots of your friend from school's +1 shredding it up on the dance floor, we'll just grab a couple of shots of them and then move on to the people who are on the list if we can. Everyone will be captured at your wedding, don't worry, but quite often there are a bunch of different things going on at the same time, so we need to know who to focus our attention on if given a choice.

This shouldn't be an extensive list, infact we'd encourage you to keep it relatively small, say up to 20 people at most.

Let's try to avoid the old family photos bottleneck.

Most couples see their family portraits as some of the most important photos of the day. However, anyone who's been to a wedding knows that getting people organised can sometimes be an exercise in total frustration. We're here to help you avoid that and hopefully let the party roll on without any hold ups.

In the form below, we're going to ask you to make a list of the different combinations of family portraits you'd like us to take, which usually happen just before or after the ceremony. This doesn't have to be a final list, but be sure to keep us updated as the wedding gets closer.

This list will help us get through these photos as efficiently and smoothly as possible and not have you running around for 10 minutes chasing Uncle Bob.

We'd also encourage you to assign a trusted guest with the important job of gathering people on the list as their turn to jump in comes around.


Wedding Details

This is a list of questions that will help us get a better idea about the details of your wedding day. Don't be shy about being as detailed as possible with your answers, we can never have enough info! Obviously there are some finer points about your wedding day that won't be finalised until closer to the date, so we'll discuss those with you when the time's right.

Wedding date
Wedding date
- The names of your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. - Their relationship to you. - Your Maid/Matron of Honour and Best Man. - Any other details that you'd like to share.
- The names of the important people at your wedding who you'd like us to place more focus on. - Their relationship to you. - Any other details that you'd like to share.
- We'd love to know who your main vendors will be so that we can get in contact with them if needed. - Just the name of the business and a person to contact will be fine. - Fill in any of the vendors below that are applicable to you.
- The location where the Bride and Bridesmaids be getting ready. - The location where the Groom and Groomsmen be getting ready. - Estimated time that you will start getting ready. - Any special plans during preparation that we should be aware of. - Any other details that you'd like to share.
Traditional or First Look timeline?
- A traditional timeline generally involves formally seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony. - A first look is where you meet each other in private prior to the ceremony. It can be quite handy for couples photos prior to late winter weddings where daylight hours are limited.
- Ceremony location. - Estimated start and finish time. - Let us know if this is a religious wedding and if there's anything that we should be aware of. - Any special plans for your ceremony that we should know about (your secrets are safe with us). - Anything else that you'd like to share.
- Please list the combinations of formal family and friends portraits that you'd like to have.
- If you have any particular locations or themes that you'd like us to try and incorporate in to your Bridal Party, Couples or First Look Portraits, let us know here.
- Reception location. - Estimated start and finish time. - The MC for your reception. - If you're having speeches, who will be giving them. - Any special plans for the reception that we should be aware of. - Anything else that you'd like to share.
- Any specific photos that you'd like us to try and work into the day or anything you'd like us to place more focus on? - As an example for a specific shot, you might like us to incorporate a dramatic silhouette into your couples portraits. For things to focus on, you might like us to pay extra attention on moments between Grandma and the Bride. - As our work is done in a mostly documentary style, we want to avoid creating a 'shot list' here. So please keep this as limited as you can.
- Any other details about any aspect of your wedding that you'd like to share with us. - Any questions that you have for us.



If you haven't already inlcuded it in the questions above, please send us the current timeline of your wedding day, particularly for the ceremony and reception. Let us know all the important details if you can, such as meal times, cake cutting, speeches, first dance and so on. A rough outline is fine if that's all you have at the moment, just make sure that you keep us updated as your timeline becomes more concrete.

Don't hesitate to ask us any questions that you may have about your timeline. As your photographers, we'll be around you for most of the day and timelines are definitely one of the areas that we can help you with to make things run more smoothly.


VIP Photos

This one's a bit of an ask, but if possible, we'd hugely appreciate a photo of each of your VIPs. These people will obviously help make your day a memorable one, so we feel it's important for us to get to know your family and friends before we even arrive. The photos don't need to be anything fancy (don't embarrass them too much though!) and you can send them to us by email or Facebook. Please include your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen as well.


This will give us a great base to work off. We'll be in touch to discuss some of these points a bit further and, as we said, we'll work out all the finer details as your wedding gets a bit closer.

Talk to you soon,

Lynn and Justin.